It's a good thing I called MisterKim to fill him in on shenanigans! Apparently, The Relatives were quite upset with my psychic powers failing to read their minds, and considered leaving town!

Apparently, they expected to be invited in and entertained for an hour and a half, until check-in time rolled around. The Relatives thought I was such a bitch, leaving them with no where to go, not letting them come in, etc etc. Did I mention at that time there was at least one brassiere sitting on the couch, since I was cleaning? Because they showed up two hours early, with no notice, WE are rude for telling them that what they did was rude. I got to miss THAT exchange. But I had to skip wine, so I could drive out to meet them.

Then came dinner. We stood around for twenty minutes, 'discussing' dinner, while the sun set. We thought that we were going for chinese or indian, but apparently Sullen Teen had to have this random fast food joint that isn't in her home town. When just getting dessert there after dinner, or going another time was brought up, there were nearly TEARS. Because The Relatives had been promising the whole trip. So MisterKim caved, and caved on driving The Relatives there, leaving me driving the dog, and we all sat and waited for slow-as-snails fast food. We had to cram into the hotel room to eat, since the adults got real food. Because we refused to let The Relatives bring a bag of fast food into another restaurant to sit and eat. There was actually a whole argument (again!) about why it is inappropriate to bring your own food to eat at a restaurant.

Sullen Teen got to eat crappy ice cream and fast food in the car, and sat under headphones the whole night after, drawing, having barely spoken to us at all. MisterKim and I, less lucky, had to listen to Relative Two go on at length about homeopathy and essential oils being better than doctors and medicine. Relative One tried to impart the fear of foreigners stealing our money during travel. When I brought up the recent statistic on video games reducing violent crime, Relative Two tried to use anecdotal evidence from a ten year old to prove it wrong.

When we tried to bring up morning plans, there was whining from The Relatives about how they can't do early morning (before 10am) and they could just eat from the hotel. I look forward to breakfast and mimosas without them.