It Begins

Day one, and we've already got willful ignorance and direct disobedience. Why yes, The Relatives have made it to town! Hours earlier than expected! And when asked this morning for an ETA, we got a nasty passive-agressive "it was in the email." Which, it wasn't! There was a vague reference to rush hour traffic, but before 1:30pm is beating the rush by a little much. I was out buying lunch/doing errands. Told MisterKim I would not be pleased if they showed up, and was assured they would not, they were checking into the hotel, and had been told to keep to themselves until he got off work. The Relatives were given instructions, and would be calling, later, to meet up for dinner.

I came home, settled the dog, and thought I should clean the bathroom counter, really quick, before I took off my pants and sat down to eat. I was halfway finished when there was a knock at the door, two rings on the bell, and three round flatlanders standing along the sidewalk. The dog started howling, which I hope will excuse my first reaction of closing the door immediately after seeing them outside it. Cursing my compulsion to open the door, instead of hiding, I stepped outside with a Clorox wipe in hand to say hello and ask what they were doing here, and why hadn't they called first.

Oh, they did, they called MisterKim to say they were in town, didn't he call, and they figured they were just so close to our place, they would just drop by before checking in at the hotel. Oh, and where are the strawberries? The plants look fine and not dried up, so where are the strawberries. (Pick, pick, pick at the gardens.)


The Relatives were told it is October, it is not the right season, there aren't any strawberries right now, you should really go check into your hotel, I've got to go tend the running water, I was just busy cleaning. Buh bye now!

They thankfully left quickly and easily, but WTF?

The dog gets PB+Kong, and I'm having Merlot + cinnamon roll. Then it's time to put everything nice out of reach. And then Merlot and garden mulch.

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